Solve Your Toughest Recruitment Challenges

Managing Waitlists

Reduce the time, effort, and stress of this inefficient process.

Lack of Data

Connect application, evaluation, and outcome data.

Overfilling Positions

Eliminate the cost and resource strain of over-hiring.

Timing Pressure

Stop recruiting earlier and earlier to find good candidates.

Reneging on Offers

Remove uncertainty about the candidate's commitment.

Exploding Offers

Stop limiting choice and other unfair practices.


Best Results Without Over-Filling Positions

Admit as many of the best candidates as possible, up to your specified maximum class size. Eliminate the financial and resource risk of over-hiring.

Value Added Recruitment Data

Gain the critical link between application and outcome data, giving unparalleled insight into the desirability, effectiveness, and competitiveness of your market.

Enhanced Flexibility and Diversity

Access enhanced tools to compose a class of candidates with targeted characteristics in specified proportions.


Best Results From Available Opportunities

Applicants consider all of their opportunities and are guaranteed to get their most preferred position that is available to them.

No Waitlisting, No Exploding Offers

Eliminate the stress, pressure, and agony of making decisions with incomplete information. Everyone gets their final result at the same time.

Increased Satisfaction with the Process

Create a level playing field for everyone - no gaming, no manipulation, no special treatment.

Sponsoring Organizations

Fairer and More Professional Process

Provide the oversight and supervision necessary to protect and support all stakeholders.

Potential Revenue Generating Service

Revenue-sharing or sponsored fee models can offset organizational costs.

Minimal Resource Investment

Service delivery is fully managed so you stay focused on your mission.