How the Process Works

A Match Placement Process is a fair and efficient mechanism for processing offers


Applicants and recruiters (e.g., training sites) register to participate in the Match Placement Process.


Applicants apply for positions and recruiters evaluate the applicants. Recruiters can use the same application, evaluation, and interview procedures as they have in the past, or they can leverage NMS's online tools to facilitate the process.


After all evaluations are complete, each applicant submits a list online of their desired positions in numerical order of preference (first choice, second choice, etc.). Similarly, each recruiter submits a list online of desirable applicants, in preference order. No direct offers of admission are made by recruiters.


The NMS Match process takes the preference lists submitted by applicants and recruiters and applies a fair, transparent, and unbiased algorithm to place applicants into positions. The algorithm ensures that both applicants and recruiters receive the best placements possible.

National Matching Services has implemented Match Placement Processes in a wide variety of professional and competitive recruitment situations, including: residency and internship training, entry-level jobs, rotational jobs, student exchange, and school admissions. See some of our clients.

Solve your toughest recruitment challenges

Managing Waitlists

Reduce the time, effort, and stress of this inefficient process.

Reneging on Offers

Remove uncertainty about the candidate's commitment.

Overfilling Positions

Eliminate the cost and resource strain of over-hiring.

Lack of Data

Connect application, evaluation, and outcome data.

Timing Pressure

Stop recruiting earlier and earlier to find good candidates.

Unfair Practices

Everyone plays by the same set of rules.



  • Get the best result from available opportunities
  • Less pressure, more information
  • Increased satisfaction with the process


  • Best results without over-filling positions
  • Enhanced flexibility and diversity
  • More efficient and streamlined process

Sponsoring Organizations

  • Oversight and supervision at scale
  • Access market data in real-time
  • Revenue generating service with minimal resource investment
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