NMS Services

Intelligent Program Design

Create a fair, transparent, and efficient process for all participants.
Your Process - Your Rules

You set the rules and policies, you own the data - maintain complete control over the selection process.

Flexible Funding Options

User fees or sponsored service - choose a funding model suited to your context

Experience and Best Practices

Leverage our experience working with more than 10 professions over 35 years to simplify the process for all your participants

Intelligent Program Design Image
Intelligent Program Design Image

Customized Online Platform

Our flexible infrastructure can be configured and tailored to your processes and data requirements.
Full Featured - No Hassle

Get a dedicated website for your process, backed by a full suite of tools, managed by our team.

Security, Reliability, and Privacy at its Core

Our highly available, secure, cloud-based technology infrastructure means that everyone can access the platform anywhere, using any device, at any time.

From Data to Insights

We turn data into information so you can make better, data-driven, decisions for your organization

Superior Customer Support

Every participant gets guided through the process with the right information, in the right format, at the right time.
Make it easy for your participants

Online self-service, email, live agents, targeted outreach - we provide multi-channel support that is timely and convenient.

Data Validation and Error Checking

We identify issues before they become problems - no one falls through the cracks, no one gets left behind.

Exceed Expectations

Support scales with engagement, ensuring we can personalize the experience for each participant, especially around key deadlines.

Intelligent Program Design Image