The NMS Match Platform has tools to simplify the process every step of the way.

The SaaS platform is modular, customizable, and built with security, privacy, and reliability at its core.

online registration example
online registration example
Register Icon
NMS Register
NMS makes it easy for people to sign up for the process. Whether it's fully hosted by NMS or connected with your existing systems, the platform is able to personalize the experience for each participant.
  • Flexible fee collection and funding mechanisms
  • Connect with leading SIS, enrollment, and member management systems
  • Customized registration forms
  • Electronic signatures for participation agreements
  • Online directories of participants
  • PCI compliant payment systems
applications example
Apply Icon
NMS Apply
Streamline how applications are submitted, collected, and reviewed.
  • Information is entered once, and distributed to multiple sites seamlessly
  • Customized content and document uploads to meet program specific requirements
  • Review, rate and evaluate within a single platform
  • Collect references and standardized scores directly from source
  • Progress tracking, notifications, and reminders
applications example
applicant interview booking
applicant interview booking
Interview Icon
NMS Interview
Say goodbye to spreadsheets and email and use automated, real-time, scheduling to coordinate in-person and virtual interviews.
  • Set up multiple interview types and event dates
  • Applicants self-schedule into available times
  • Schedules are updated automatically, with manual override for complete control
  • Generate event schedules, distribute instructions, and other event information
Applicant Rand Order List example
NMS Match Icon
NMS Match
Use our Nobel Prize winning and academically validated matching algorithm to simplify the offer process. Everyone is GUARANTEED to get the best possible placement.
  • Rank choices according to your true preferences
  • Use our cohort feature to achieve diversity and class-composition goals
  • Maximize placements across multiple tracks
  • Data validation & integrity testing
  • Reminders and confirmations - no one falls through the cracks
Applicant Rand Order List example
Applicant example results
Applicant example results
Results Icon
NMS Results
Generate actionable information by leveraging NMS's comprehensive data analytics and reporting tools.
  • Simultaneous result reporting to all participants
  • Advanced statistics and modelling
  • Link evaluation and outcome data to better understand workforce trends, decision making, and competitiveness
Post-Match illustration
Post-Match Icon
NMS Post-Match
Facilitate an organized clearinghouse with tools to help unplaced applicants find positions that are still available.
  • Multiple matching rounds
  • Dynamic directories of available positions updated in real-time
  • Coordinated offer and acceptance process
  • Segment applicant data to find best-fit candidates
Post-Match illustration