We have a full suite of tools to provide end-to-end program delivery.

We have a full suite of tools to provide end-to-end program delivery.


Rules and Policies

Set the rules and policies, own your data - maintain complete control over the process.

Funding Options

User fees or sponsored service - choose a funding model suited to your context.

Customized SaaS

Modules for registration, fee collection, directories, applications, rankings, results, and reporting - all hosted within a secure, customizable, online platform.

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Self Service

Custom web site, online resources, FAQs, step-by-step instructions.


Education material, webinars, targeted communications.

Ongoing Support

Live-person customer support, including 24x7 support around key deadlines.



Provide application information, obtain references, and conduct evaluations all within a single platform. Information is entered once, and distributed to multiple sites seamlessly.


Connect with leading student information and enrollment systems.


Tailor each application with customized document uploads and application content.

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Rank Your Choices

True Preferences

Rank all choices according to your true preferences - you cannot game or manipulate the system.

Accommodate Complex Special Cases

Specify diversity requirements, multiple program models, contingency plans, couples, chained assignments, or group limits.

Data Validation and Error Checking

We identify the issues before they become problems - no one falls through the cracks.

Matching Algorithm

Backed by Research - Proven in Practice

Everyone gets their best possible result, guaranteed by Nobel Prize recognized and academically proven algorithms.

Roth Peranson Algorithm

The best-practice matching algorithm for two-sided matching markets, such as entry-level job placements and competitive school admissions. Used by matching services around the world.

Top-Trading Cycle Algorithm

Provides an optimal and efficient matching algorithm for one-sided matching markets, such as student exchange and clinical rotations.

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Simultaneous Reporting

Results are released to all participants at the same time via multiple channels.

Post-Match Clearinghouse

Multiple rounds of matching and online tools to help fill any positions that remain available.

Data and Statistics

Gain the critical link between application and outcome data - better understand participant decision making and competitiveness.

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